Pierre Pradier tells us about the differences between his company and the others


Pierre Pradier is the co-founder and head of the corporate strategy of New Horizons Global Partners, a business services and human resources company that helps businesses expand into the Asian region. Pierre helps global companies find staff, manage their salary and guidance, get safe visas in Asian countries and even open local branches in different markets.

In a recent interview, Pierre spoke about the mission of New Horizons Global Partners, and stated that it is the main professional organization of employers (PEO), with a primary focus on Asia. Help foreign companies access China and other major markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

What differentiates your company from others and makes it more proud is the reputation of compliance, integrity and assistance obtained thanks to the help offered to companies that require help to settle in Asian markets in a short time.

Pierre believes that this attention to detail distinguishes his company from others in the industry that often neglect or fail to listen to the specific needs of each client.

His company also ensures that departmental / unitary strategic planning projects reflect organizational strategic priorities. It also collaborates with institutional leadership, special commissions and consultants to support the execution of key initiatives.